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National Standards

National Standards provide benchmarks for student achievement at specific times throughout the course of a child’s education in New Zealand.The specific reporting times for National Standards are:
  1. The end of the child’s first year at school
  2. The end of the child’s second year at school
  3. The end of the child’s third year at school
  4. At the end of the years 4 to 8
Children are measured against these National Standards, but parents need to aware that these benchmarks are difficult for some children. What is more important is that your child can show progress through the year. At Christchurch East School you will receive information about your child’s progress against National Standards twice a year through our mid and end of year reports. The Ministry of Education has developed helpful information on National Standards as well as helping your child at home.Full details of the National Standards can be found on the Ministry of Education website. Links for Years 1 - 8 are listed below.